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Hi wonderful members of Plan A of the Better Weather Newsletter,

(hi Steady team, I'm just testing something out here...)

I am very thankful that you have supported me with the Plan A for as long as you have. It has meant that I have been able to continue creating this awesome content on weather, like this one on feeling blue (Opens in a new window).

Unfortunately the higher cost of living has meant that it has been increasingly hard for me to keep operating my membership programme as is. I've waited as along as possible to postpone this step, but today, I am asking you to upgrade into a new membership plan at a higher price.

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My new plan Plan A: New, more expensive gives you the same membership benefits, namely:

  • this one

  • and this one

It is available for 10€ / month or for 96€ / year.

➡️ Switch to the new plan by clicking on this link here. (Opens in a new window)

Purchasing an annual membership means that I need to pay less in terms of transaction costs (payment fees for the credit card, direct debit or Paypal transaction as well as Steady fees), so if you care about more of your support ending up with me, also consider switching to an annual plan.

If you have any questions please write me a message. If you have any wishes of what kind of Weather news you'd like to receive, drop me a line too!

Many thanks for your support and enjoy the weather



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