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I have nothing against store-bought flour tortillas at all. It’s pretty convenient to buy ready-made food some days and some organic brands are providing very good quality flour tortillas. However, they often contain preservatives, lots of salt or unhealthy fat. That’s why I simply tried to make my own flour tortillas using 2 basics ingredients from my pantry. It came out surprisingly good! The flour tortillas are soft, chewy and don’t cracks when rolled. I think that’s all we expect from good tortillas, right?

This is my 5 rules to make easy flour tortillas that puff and have a little chew without adding oil, milk or dairy.

Use lukewarm water in the mix. Yes, don’t use cold water. The best is lukewarm – think bath temperature water. Use a flat crepe or pancake pan. Make sure the pan is super hot before adding the tortillas. I leave my pan on high heat for at least 90 seconds before putting the first tortilla in. It’s even steaming – I know, scary! – but that’s the key point. Do not add oil into the pan or it will fry the tortillas. Use white flour – also known as all-purpose flour – regular wheat flour works the best. It does not puff very well with wholemeal flour, I gave it a go, but the texture is not as great, not chewy. (Opens in a new window)