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Steady for Instagram and TikTok creators

Get paid for what you already do

  • Keep your rights, workflow, platform and sponsors
  • Publish members-only content (using IG Close Friends)
  • Free newsletter tool to engage with your members

Creators earn an average of 595€ on Steady every month.

How much can you earn on Steady?

Tell us how many people you reach each month. Include followers, viewers, listeners, or subscribers.

current value 10,000 minimum value: 0 maximum value: 25,000 people

You could earn up to 2.500 € per month

This calculation is based on our data that 5% of your audience will pay you 5€ a month, on average.

How does Steady work?

Set up your Steady project in just a few clicks

Promote your membership program, so your fans can start supporting you for the work you already do

  • Reach your listeners directly with our free email tool

  • Let Steady take care of payment processing and tech

  • Build a community of fans who support you financially and give you creative freedom long-term

  • Want to produce members-only content? Set up a Close Friends list on Instagram and add your paying members

For creators, by creators

We founded Steady because we're independent creators, too - we understand the importance of being free from ads and algorithms.

We're a small team based in Berlin helping hundreds of creators secure a financial future for their projects.

Ready to switch to Steady?

It's easy to import your existing members and newsletter subscribers to Steady. Your data is safe with us, too - we're fully GDPR compliant.

How much does Steady cost?

All of the setup on Steady is free.

You can run your project through Steady at no cost, within the limits of our Fair Use Policy.